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Splinter Orchestra

A large-scale improvising ensemble / organism based in Sydney, Australia, consisting of a fluctuating number of members with various musical and artistic backgrounds.

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Originators of the Stylefree Movement. Prophets are a collective from the Stylefree Planet with outposts in Melbourne and Sydney.


Great Waitress

Internationally acclaimed trio with Monica Brooks (accordion), Magda Mayas [DE] (piano) and Laura Altman (clarinet).

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Melding the earthiness of folk, dexterity of jazz and the craft of classical, Chaika’s vast influences create superb, genre-blending music that transcends labels. Featuring Susie Bishop (violin, guitar, vocals), Laura Altman (clarinet, vocals), Emily-Rose Sarkova (accordion, piano, vocals), Laura Bishop (percussion, piano, accordion, vocals), Johan Delin (double bass, vocals) and Rendra Freestone (percussion, guitar, vocals).


Laura Altman and Monica Brooks

Laura and Monica are mates. Using clarinet and accordion to describe their friendship, they predominantly pair ideas of rests, drones, and ‘extended technique’ into a somewhat minimal sound. They’re individually, and mutually, interested in stuff like the way folks come across while playing sounds with one another. They’re also interested in the way sounds come out of things that aren’t classified as musical instruments. Also probably they’re part of an institution/community that delivered the idea that to listen is to play music. So there’re a lot of spaces. Sometimes.



Danny Wild (aka Low Flung) and Laura Altman are Couch. Some might say they come from pretty different musical backgrounds, but Couch provide a cosy space for each other’s stylings, traversing the fine edges of natural and synthetic resonance. Feedback, modular synth, tape, clarinet and a healthy dose of amplification result in a melange which is ambling, meditative, curious and alive.

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BB+CAM are a side project of Prophets. BB+CAM write and perform songs about their friends, animals, fun activities and adventures. 

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Bud Petal

Laura sings, plays clarinet and occasionally plays piano/electronics with Bud Petal, who is described as “cerebral art-folk” and “a true outsider, a freak-folk wunderkind”.


Nick Ashwood and Laura Altman

Indoor and outdoor improvisations with guitar + clarinet and various extensions of these. Album in the making…

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Melanie and Laura

The recently formed duo of Melanie and Laura could be described as a very natural progression from over a decade of creative exchanges, musical collaborations, and a deep friendship. With the violin, clarinet and an array of objects and gadgets, Laura and Mel intuitively navigate the colours and textures of their instruments to create sensitive and free-flowing music.



With Lisa McCowage and Kate Wadey
Whir are curious about the possible relationships between the breath, the voice and the clarinet. 



Laura Altman, Romy Caen, Andrew Fedorovitch, Prue Fuller, Melanie Herbert
Clarinet, harmonium, violin, objects, saxophone, recorder, ornamental reindeer + more…
Formed late 2015 for performance at Tectonics @ Adelaide Town Hall

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Threshold Poetry

Cor Fuhler - EMS Synthi AKS + Laura Altman - clarinet
A real-time-composition, interactive electro-acoustic duo in which the clarinet functions acoustically as well as independent component in the modular chain of an EMS Synthi AKS.



Performance and recording project with Peter Farrar.